Winter Compassion for the Animals

Winter Animal MenagerieAs we all know winter can be beautiful and restorative to animals and the earth. We also know it can make tough times even tougher. With the Holidays upon us many folks are generously donating to causes that are important to them. We can include in this generosity those organizations that advocate for animals. Three local organizations worthy of such a gift are The Animal Rights Coalition, Chicken Run Rescue and Compassionate Action for Animals 

3 ways to be kind to animals this winter and beyond!

1) Consider who is behind your warmth and fashion. There is a tremendous amount of pain and injustice involved in turning animals and their products into our clothing. Whether for warmth or fashion there are many humane choices we can make. Please consider abstaining from buying animal products this Holiday Season. You just might find some new products that delight you. Check out Ethique Nouveau for clothing and accessories. The animals will thank you.
2) Be mindful of what you eat. As we have recently passed one Holiday and we glide into others it weighs heavy on my mind and heart that approximately 45 million turkeys were killed for this holiday alone. Most people say they eat turkeys for Thanksgiving because of tradition. As history has shown us, not all traditions are worthy of keeping.
I feel safe saying that nearly 99 of all turkeys and other farmed animals are raised in unfathomably cruel conditions. I would call the images astounding if they were not so heart breaking.
As more and more people move away from animal products many are enjoying plant based meats and cheeses. For some this is what helps them transition into plant-based eating. Others aren’t so fond of processed foods and so they tend to eat predominantly whole, unrefined foods. Whatever your preference, here is a great resource to give you a jump start.

Leaving animals and their products off your plates is one of the kindest things you can do for them.

3) Don’t use or support the use of animals for entertainment. As is the case in all industries that utilize animals, the animal-entertainment industry is replete with great injustice and pain for the animals involved. Whether in the movies, circus or zoos, be it a great ape, a dog or an elephant these animal lead lives of great isolation and misery. And it is never their choice to be a part of the industry.

Each of us, in our own amazing humanness, with our great potential for compassion, can take one small step that leads to another and another; steps that will eventually lead to a life of compassion and equity for all.

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