Vegan Coaching

Two CherriesWhat is Vegan Coaching and why would I use this service?

Many people find Vegan Coaching an essential component to their journey into plant-based eating. Since there is little (societal) infrastructure in place to support a vegan diet and lifestyle the inevitable will happen; as with any new practice we embrace comes a back-slide. Sometimes, these back-slides become permanent and we lose sight of and stop taking action towards our goals. This can, and does for some, result in the complete loss of their new practice.

Vegan Coaching will help you get on and stay on track with healthy, delicious plant-based eating. From general food preparation tips to understanding your blocks, from personalized recipe ideas to learning how to travel with your food, Vegan Coaching gently guides and empowers you to take charge of your health through adopting and maintaining strong habits and practices.

The initial (intake) coaching session takes place in your home (provided this is geographically feasible) and includes a kitchen and general-needs assessment. All follow-up session take place over the phone unless you request otherwise. Off-phone sessions can include co-op and other health-food store tours.

Information Sessions or Group Coaching

What are Information Sessions?

Information Sessions are like a private group-coaching session in which groups of 20 or less meet to have their specific questions about plant-based eating addressed. The host of the Information Session arranges the meeting space and secures the guest list. Pricing varies depending on the volume of food-samples served.

Contact AmyLeo for more information, pricing and to schedule your intake session.