The Vegan Pantry Services

“Our task must be to free ourselves…by widening our circle of compassion to embrace  all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”      – Albert Einstein

Veggies in Heart ShapeThe Vegan Pantry is a full service business where All Things Vegan means supporting you as you increase the presence of plant-based foods in your diet. Whether you are a committed vegan, just starting to lean into a plant-based diet, or somewhere in between we are dedicated to tailoring our services to meet your unique and specific needs. From Private Cooking Classes to Vegan Coaching to Restaurant Menu Advising (and more) you will find a wide variety of tips, tricks, concepts, recipes and other valuable information that will help you adopt and maintain your new healthy, compassionate and tasty eating habits.

The Vegan Pantry specializes in tailoring our services so you can achieve your new dietary goals with joy and ease. Whether you are inspired to make the changes for your health, the environment, the animals or economics we will incorporate your preferences and values to best meet your individual needs.

To help get you started and sustain your new dietary practices we offer a full spectrum of services:

Private Cooking Classes

In the privacy of your own kitchen we work together as you learn hand-selected recipes, tips, techniques and much more.

Private Cooking Parties

Gather friends, family and colleagues to share in the fun for an evening filled with learning how to prepare delicious plant-based food.

Public Cooking Classes

Join AmyLeo at Twin Cities Area venues including Cooks of Crocus Hill, Kitchen Window, Mississippi Market, The Seward Coop, Valley Natural Foods, The Wedge Coop, and Whole Foods. Click here for class schedule and registration.

Personal Chef Services

If you are too busy or you simply don’t like to cook, AmyLeo can prepare food for the week in the privacy of your home. Select from The Vegan Pantry Original Recipes and your all-time favorites that can be “veganized”.

One-on-One Vegan Coaching

AmyLeo offers personalized guidance from creating a vegan pantry to learning how to cook without recipes to how to best maintain a vegan lifestyle. Your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions will help you stay on track with your new healthy eating habits.

Building Your Vegan Pantry

Together we will establish what ingredients are best for you to have on hand at all times. We will restructure your kitchen to optimize its usability

Small Scale Catering

For intimate parties of 20 or less AmyLeo will provided delicious and beautifully displayed vegan food appropriate for the occasion. She can prepare all of part of your party menu.

Restaurant Menu Advising

One of the fastest growing diets in America is the vegan diet. If restaurateurs are to capitalize on this it is necessary for them to offer more vegan options. The Vegan Pantry advises how to add creative, accessible, delicious offering to any restaurant’s menu.

Corporate Lunch Demonstrations

A unique and fun way to let your staff know you appreciate them. These demos can take place over the lunch hour or as a special event. Together we will select a menu tailored for your company members.

Contact AmyLeo Barankovich to learn more about creating your personalized program.