Triple Crown BBQ Tofu

The BBQ Tofu I have been waiting for!  Never to get the recipe of the best BBQ Tofu I ever tasted I made a few feeble attempts at making my own sauce and quickly surrendered to the complexity of getting it just right. I resigned to never having such a delicious BBQ Tofu ever again. Until…I sunk my teeth into this. The secret is crispy yet soft tofu, made to perfection, and floated in this richly, dynamic sauce that will have your eyes rolling to the back of your head in delight.

Spinach Goma – ae

Pressed spinach with a tantalizing sesame sauce – Yumm!! Every time I ate this Traditional Japanese dish at a restaurant I felt like I was eating a mysterious delicacy. So I invited my friend Bev to sit down with me to recreate it. We added another dimension – peanut butter. And then we added more of the great sauce then is traditionally served. This is a great way to eat a lot of spinach – that wonder food.

Morning Choco-Blast Shake

Sometimes you just need a little something rich-and-thick-and chocolate for breakfast. Does this sound antithetical to heathy eating?  Consider this, coco, which is what chocolate is made from, contains antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Take away all that sugar and you have a yummy blast of tasty nutrition. Add this to frozen bananas, soy milk and peanut butter and see how yummy your morning becomes.