Becoming Your Best Voice for the Animals

September 19, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Animal Rights Coalition
317 W. 48th Street
MN 55419

Becoming Your Best Voice for the AnimalsHosted by The Animal Rights Coalition 

An interactive and constructive approach to effective communication for animal advocacy 

Being an animal advocate arises from a heart steeped in passion. It seems to be human nature to speak “wildly” when our emotions lead the conversation. It also seems to be human nature to close our ears, hearts and minds when we hear those “wild, emotional words” coming at us.

The results of communicating this way? A lost opportunity to make a difference for the animals. Sometimes, to the effect of being counterproductive.

Being an effective animal advocate on a daily basis requires skill and finesse. It requires putting into practice a set of tools (means) that we can access, only once we are aware of them and know how to best use them. If you can benefit from this conversation, please join us.

NOTE: This work is designed specifically for animal advocates.