Dancing Your Own

dancing your ownWhat is Dancing Your Own?

Dancing Your Own is a fun exploration on the dance floor where your mind and body are set free. DYO is a Myth Buster – busting the myth that only trained dancers are dancers. It allows you to dance like you never danced before. Using different genres of music, playful accessories, general dance-concepts, your body’s imagination and a hint of direction you will come to realize that you too can dance. If you already know you can dance, DYO is simply a time for you to dance in ways that most dance classes and dance venues do not allow. There is always something new to discover and experience in your body’s relationship to music.

How is DYO different from other dance classes and events?

DYO’s unique design offers a perfect balance between structure and non-structure. You will be introduced to basic concepts of Creative Dance and The Five Universal Rhythms that unveil ways in which our bodies can move. You are then invited to discover ways that different genres of music and different accessories influence how your body moves. As you explore these realms you will find new freedom in how your body relates to music and you will discover how to Dance Your Own on your own.

Is DYO for me?

DYO is really for anyone. From those who are afraid to take the first step on the dance floor to the highly trained dancer who has forgotten their own steps, and anything in between – you will find joy and value in these classes.

How is Dancing Your Own Run?
  1. Seasonal public classes that are run as a four-part series. You can register for all four sessions or drop in for individual classes. A minimum of 8 registrants is required in order for the class to run.
  2. Private classes. You invite your friends and family and we establish the location. The number of participants is determined on an individual basis. This can be a onetime class and if you really want to go for it we can run it as a series.

Contact AmyLeo to schedule your private Dancing Your Own event.

About AmyLeo as dancer.

AmyLeo Barankovich is a self-taught, passionate, improvisational dance. In her mid-teens she started dancing wildly wherever there was music and a dance floor. Upon noticing that others were sitting on the side lines until she busted the first move she realized how people were starving to dance but too shy. Many people told her she was a powerful dancer, that she could heal with her dancing and so she created Dancing Your Own.