Banana Nice-Cream Pie w Blueberry Compote – RAW

Banana Nice Cream PieIt’s hard to believe this is a 4-ingredieint pie. Bananas seem to be magical when it comes to freezing them. This pie is so cool, creamy, rich and yet refreshing. The frozen bananas pair beautifully with the nut-date crust. So easy to make and keep on hand. You can eat it as is or top it with the Blueberry Compote.

Banana Kiwi Pudding – Raw

Banana Kiwi PuddingOften desserts are laden with highly processed sugar. Not this one. Only naturally occurring sugars sweeten this light, satisfying treat. Ground coconut flakes and pecans top it off to add textural pleasure. You just might want seconds, and they won’t hurt you.

Seriously Coconut, Coconut Macaroons

Chocolate MacaroonsA bite-sized delight! Just like any macaroon, this lightly sweetened bundle of coconut-bliss gets better with every chew. There is no denying you are eating that all-time-favorite of tropical fruits as its unique texture merges with the creaminess of the coconut milk. Yum Yum.

Life-By-Chocolate Brownies with Raspberry Ganache

Brownie - Iced with ForkRicher than is fair, these brownies will satiate any chocolate craving. Rich, deep, and smooth, yet with a crunch of chocolate chip in the body of the brownie, your palate will reach new heights. Not for the fair at heart these are beyond Death by Chocolate. They’ll bring you back to life. For over the top decadence enjoy with a deep red wine or black, black coffee.