Orange-Tahini Sauce

Orange-Tahini SauceOne more way to indulge in tahini, otherwise known as The Nectar of the Goddess! Pure and simple ingredients make for a pure-and-simply-delicious sauce with a delicate tinge of orange.  Use over raw or steamed veggies, zoodles, or as that special topping for that special Buddha Bowl or just about anything else. One more tasty way to get your plant-based calcium!

Banana Nice-Cream Pie w Blueberry Compote – RAW

Banana Nice Cream PieIt’s hard to believe this is a 4-ingredieint pie. Bananas seem to be magical when it comes to freezing them. This pie is so cool, creamy, rich and yet refreshing. The frozen bananas pair beautifully with the nut-date crust. So easy to make and keep on hand. You can eat it as is or top it with the Blueberry Compote.

Banana Strawberry Tart

Banana Strawberry Tart

Fresh yet rich, sweet yet sour…this combo of bananas and strawberries nestled in a maple syrup – lime juice glaze hits the taste buds just right. Snuggled in a quinoa-millet crust, you get a bit of nutrients in this dessert.



AmyLeo’s Heaven Hummus

HummusHummus, or Chummus, comes in so many varieties that it can boggle the mind, and some dull the taste buds. I have been tweaking this recipe for a few years and have settled into this rich and creamy version. It is heavy on the tahini which increases the protein and calcium content. If you want to eat it as it is eaten in the Middle East, you can spread it on a flat serving dish and drizzle olive oil over it and garnish with ground paprika. Eat it with warm pita and Kalamata olives.

Banana Kiwi Pudding – Raw

Banana Kiwi PuddingOften desserts are laden with highly processed sugar. Not this one. Only naturally occurring sugars sweeten this light, satisfying treat. Ground coconut flakes and pecans top it off to add textural pleasure. You just might want seconds, and they won’t hurt you.

Seriously Coconut, Coconut Macaroons

Chocolate MacaroonsA bite-sized delight! Just like any macaroon, this lightly sweetened bundle of coconut-bliss gets better with every chew. There is no denying you are eating that all-time-favorite of tropical fruits as its unique texture merges with the creaminess of the coconut milk. Yum Yum.

Maple Sweetened Tahini Quinoa Cookies – GF & OF

Tahini CookiesIf you can call a cookie “nutritious”, this would be the one. Perfectly maple-sweetened and properly quinoa-crunched this thingamabob of a cookie is this side of shortbread. With tahini, oat flour, rice flour, and not much more, this cookie will please your sweet and crunchy palate.

Curried Potato-Red Lentil Burger – OF & GF

Curry Red Lentil Burger - 6
This is a Red-Lentil version of my Curried Potato Lentil Burgers. As with the others, this little burger-patty is crisp on the outside and delightfully moist on the inside. Full of nutrient-rich lentils and soothingly smooth potatoes, this is one little burger that needs no bun. Lightly spiced with curry, cumin and coriander for a hint of the east, and “burgery” enough to think of the west.  

The texture is unique for a burger since it has a significant volume of flour in it. This is a recipe founded on error. I was cooking for my clients T and John and used the red lentils instead of the brown. It was so moist that I had to keep adding flour to it. They liked them so much, that I had to go back and recreate my “error”, only to develop a new recipe.

Apricot Purée Nutty Granola

Apricot Granola - 4

Crispy AND chewy, as are many raw (dehydrated) foods, this is a wholesome breakfast cereal with Blueberry Pizazz. Cracked almonds and pepitas offer a substantial heft to the bite while the blueberry adds a zip of sweetness alongside the apricot puree.

Sloppy Leo Stuffed Avocado

Sloppy Leo Stuffed Avocado - 1Take the crazy easy recipe for my Sloppy Leo (a compassionate take on the original Sloppy Joe) stuff it into an avocado shell, top with sliced grape tomatoes and you have a fun-scooping, easy-eating delight. Sloppy Leo is the name sake of, well, me – a huge fan of the best tempeh ever. The taste and texture of the tempeh is splendidly paired with some of the best BBQ sauce you will ever taste. Paired with rich avocado and cooling grape tomatos makes a sure winner for you and your dinner comrades.