“Be kind! There is no grace in doing otherwise.” –AmyLeo Barankovich

AmyLeo Vegan Affairs MinnesotaAmy Leo’s journey into vegan cooking began at the age of 13 when she started cooking for her family of 10 using Betty Crocker as her guide. The skills that she learned in these early years later proved to be very beneficial when she became passionately committed to a vegetarian, and then vegan lifestyle.

For nearly a decade friends and family had requested that AmyLeo teach vegetarian and vegan cooking classes. For various reasons she declined these requests until one day a friend who, like many of us, has been led to believe we need animal products for delicious and nutritious food, demanded that AmyLeo teach vegan cooking classes because she was looking for help and she knew that AmyLeo wanted to make a difference.

Thus was the birth of Vegan Affairs: A Place for Taste and Grace. After having founded several micro businesses in the past, AmyLeo believes she has found her calling with Vegan Affairs. “It allows me to advocate for much of what I am passionate about: wholesome, ecologically sound, delicious food that does not (directly) impact animals.”

Why Taste and Grace

Why Taste? The obvious — we all love our food to be tasty and healthy. Why Grace? To act from Grace is to embody compassion and kindness.

When we leave animals off our plates, not only are we choosing one of the healthiest and most sustainable diets, we are also choosing one of the most compassionate diets.  Vegan Affairs, A Place for Taste and Grace, gives you just that.

When not playing with food, AmyLeo enjoys dancing, canoeing, kayaking, camping, cross-country skiing, and other outdoor activities. She is a co-facilitator for the Alternatives To Violence Project, founder and facilitator of Dancing Your Own and founder and convener of Claim Human: Reinventing Our Relationship With Animals.